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5 shocking facts about how your customer service impacts your sales success

10 February 2016
5 Shocking Facts about how your customer service impacts your sales success
Every website, company brochure and sales pitch states ' we provide excellent customer service'. What is the definition of great customer service? Everyone has a different expectation of what great customer service looks like.Unfortunately we sometimes do not know what great customer service looks like until we have a bad experience so we have something to compare it against. When we have a great experience we are loyal and recommend, when we have a bad experience then everyone gets to know about it and we find another supplier.
Customers today will consider paying more for a product, service or solution for quality customer service and support after a bad customer experience with a supplier. When you consider the stress, time, hassle and disruption caused by poor customer service it usually proves to be more cost effective in the long run to opt for an organisation who provides quality service pre and post sale, trusted solutions and products. Customers do not always tell you when they are unhappy about service so you will not gain the opportunity to resolve their concerns and re gain their business unless you ask for feedback after every sales or call. Listening to customer feedback and taking positive actions to address concerns will enhance the level of service your organisation provides.
70% of the buying decision is based on how we are treated during our buying process, if we trust a supplier and the person we are speaking to then we are more likely to make a purchase. 
Some key facts to shock you:
  • 4% of dissatisfied customers complain, 96% do not call and 91% never go back 
  • Loyal customers spend an average of 10 times more than their original purchase value during the lifetime of their relationship with your business
  • 67% of customers hang up and do not call back when they are frustrated or do not get to speak to a real person
  • 78% of customers do not proceed to pay due to a poor customer service experience when they are ready to buy
  • 70% of a buying decision is based on how a customer feels about the way they are being treated
The above 5 facts are from surveys conducted by AMEX,McKinsey, Harris Interactive and Ruby Newell Legner 'Understanding Customers'
In summary great customer service experiences increase loyalty, repeat business and recommendations. If you want to increase sales then providing a first class customer experience is the easiest and most cost effective way to achieve this. Every person in your business is responsible for providing a great customer experience, sales training and customer services training can help everyone deliver first class customer experiences.
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The author of this article is Debbie Sweeney, lead trainer of Solutions2Success. 
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