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1st Class Customer Service and Communication Course

1 day £249+ vat per person

(discounts for multiple people or multiple course packages, ask about our customised In House programmes)

Who is this course suitable for?
This is ideally suited for anyone involved in a customer services or support role which involves advising,uncovering sales opportunities or dealing with problems and resolving issues E.G. technical support, customer relations, customer support and sales.

What will you gain from attending this course?

  • A deeper understanding of the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to deliver 1st class customer experiences
  • Structures and processes to help you manage your calls effectively to achieve a positive outcome
  • Techniques, ideas and skills to effectively communicate and build rapport to develop loyal customers that recommend
  • Learn techniques to deal with problems and difficult people to resolve problems and minimise conflict and stress
  • Gain confidence in communicating with people and turning problems into opportunities to build rapport and trust
  • Practice the skills and techniques in your world using typical situations relating to your role & organisation

Course content includes: 

  • What makes a great customer service experience
  • The importance of customer service to an organisation's sales, profit and reputation
  • Key skills, attitudes and behaviours to adopt to successful deliver a 1st class customer experience
  • Importance of customer feedback and how to manage this to your advantage
  • Effective questioning and listening skills to build rapport, uncover sales opportunities and resolve problems
  • How to be an effective communicator and be persuasive (verbally and via email)
  • Learn how to build rapport and engagement to gain support when things go wrong and gain repeat orders
  • Learn how to reframe words and phrases so you avoid conflict or resistance (NLP technique)
  • Understand the different personality styles & how to develop strong rapport with each personality style
  • Effective email communication and how to structure emails so they get read and understood
  • Understand how to deal with difficult people and situations to avoid conflict and stress
  • Understand the process to follow when seeking further support or authority to resolve situations 
  •  How to turn a problem situation to a positive and get the customer to recommend you to others
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