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Sales Academy Diploma – Online Sales Training Course

This diploma includes regular interactive training sessions with trainer and group for 6-months. 24/7 access to resources and your learning zone

£995. An additional option of an assessment day which includes feedback and a 1-2-1 coaching plan, £295. Pricing is per person.

In House options available. Preferential rates for multiple delegates. For fast track training this can be delivered In House over 5-days, staged dates or when an open course is available.

Course overview

Learn the 5-step customer buying process and what to do at each stage; from identifying potential prospective clients to winning contracts and orders. Adapt your sales strategy, techniques and approach to new buyer behaviours, the digital age and post COVID-19 working practices. This is a combined diploma, Sales Foundations and Interpersonal Success Essentials with a discounted rate due to the diploma bundle.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Anyone new to sales or a business development role
  • Someone already in sales who wants professional training or a refresher to enhance their sales skills and enhance their earning potential and sales performance
  • Business owners who want to increase their sales and profit margins, with a focus on acquiring and developing new B2B clients

How will you feel after completing this course?

  • You will be confident that you can reach out and contact new people online, face to face, by phone and LinkedIn
  • You will feel and act like a Trusted Advisor, able to identify customers needs and provide the best fit solution, products and services
  • Resilient and ready to pro-actively contact people who are not familar with you, your brand, product or services
  • Prepared and knowledgeable to overcome resistance effectively
  • Professional, natural and a persuasive communicator that is confident at conversing with people of any level, experience or role internally and externally
  • Confident you can manage all aspects of the sales process from initial outreach to a signed contract or order

What will you learn?

  • Different ways to generate leads online, face to face, and on the phone whilst building up awareness of yourself and what you sell
  • How to structure your calls and emails to ensure you get the results you want from your interactions with work colleagues and customers
  • What approaches to use when you struggle to get access to decision-makers
  • Effective ways to engage,identify and create needs for what you sell through social media, email, face to face and phone 
  • How to present or sell with impact online, email, phone or face to face, so customers remember you and want to buy
  • How to overcome resistance to buy and price objections
  • How the sales and buying process works and what you need to do at each stage to convert a cold lead to an order
  • Gain knowledge of the attitudes and behaviors, and actions of amazingly successful salespeople and entrepreneurs
  • Skills and techniques, you need to build rapport with people in your work and personal life
  • Emotional Intelligence skills; learn how you can control your actions and responses during difficult or pressured situations
  • NLP techniques to positively influence and build rapport
  • Understand people's communication preferences and personality styles so you can adapt, so they listen, absorb information, and feel more driven to take action
  • Develop persuasive and influencing techniques to build rapport and move the sales process forward effectively
  • Learn professionnal communication skills and etiquette when face to face, online and on the phone
  • Understand the habits, behaviours, and attitudes of exceptional communicators and influencers
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