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What creates a productive and happy working environment ?- Get ideas and the latest survey results

What employees really want from their working environment – read the survey and results here Companies such as Google and Capital One have invested in sleeping nooks, basketball courts, pool tables and slides to create what they feel is the ideal working environment. Is this what the general workforce wants? In a recent survey of 1,100 UK workers by CartridgePeople.com only 7% of UK workers wanted a sleeping pod and only 8% Read More
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Assertive people are more effective and successful - take this free test

Assertive people are respected by people, happier and get more achieved. Do you sometimes feel you are put on, accept things you do not agree with or feel that people are not being fair? If so you may need to become more assertive.  Take this 10 minute test to assess your assertiveness style and score. This will help you determine if you could develop some assertiveness skills to help you achieve your objectives and in some cases Read More

Health and fitness can help you get positive and be more productive

Having conducted sales training with hundreds of graduates over the years I have found a common trait in the graduates that clearly demonstrate the most potential for a career in sales. The common trait is they all have that competitive attitude, always striving for a PB (personal best), willing to put the extra effort when they need to and open to developing their skills to constantly improve. I have been fortunate to have trained Junior Read More

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