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Free CPD template for employees and employers to use

10 March 2021

CPD logs have numerous benefits to both employees and Managers.

Do you want to improve your performance and demonstrate your value to your employer?

Are you a Manager who wants your team members to take more ownership of their own learning and development to support the internal training programmes you have in place?

If any of the above apply to you, we recommend you implement CPD logs into your HR processes.

Additional benefits to employees and Managers:

  • The more you learn, the more you earn. You will be more employable with more skills and knowledge
  • The more you learn, the more diverse your talents will be. This will give you a greater opportunity to move into other roles in the future
  • You will be more attractive to an employer if you demonstrate you are taking ownership of your own learning and development. Learner agility is a skill employers want to see
  • Managers can see what learning and development has been conducted by individuals, this will help with 1-2-1 reviews, appraisals and assessing people at interview when they want to apply for new roles
  • When individuals take ownership of their own learning in conjuction with internal training, this takes the pressure off their line manager and the individual should improve their ability to perform well in their role

CPD is continuous professional development.

Complete these regularly and use them during 1-2-1 sessions and appraisals—one CPD log per person.

Please find below an editable excel spreadsheet CPD template that can be used by individuals or within organisations. There are three worksheets in this document.

Click here to download the template

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