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In House and Customised Training

In House training and support services can be customised to your requirements.Sales and customer service relating programmes can be tailored to your sector, what you sell and the clients you manage and target. Whether you are looking for a one off course or an on-going training course we can support your organisation  FIND OUT MORE

Team building and motivation

-Are you looking to motivate your team? Do you want your team to build good working relationships with external and internal people?

We can help you create organisational change and get your team positive about your vision, brand and values. Team building is more than fun activities to get everyone involved, the environment you create in the workplace and can determine how loyal, successful and committed your team are you to your organisation. A happy team makes a productive workforce. FIND OUT MORE

1-2-1 Coaching training & support

1-2-1 training and support services are specifically designed and delivered just for you. Regardless of your role some people benefit more from a 1-2-1 approach than group training sessions and workshops. One off sessions to long term coaching services available. This is ideal for sales people, management and business owners who want to have an external specialist who can help them with developing skills, solve problems, define strategy or reviewing ideas to check their viabililty. FIND OUT MORE

Trainer Support and Course Design

As an ISMM endorsed course provider we are well positioned to help you design your own professional training programmes.From consultancy to complete course design & train the trainer support  FIND OUT MORE

Government funding and support is available for some of the programmes and services we provide, up to 50% in some cases.

Tel 0161 885 2451 or complete the contact form. We will assess where we can help and what Goverment funding support is available to you for the services we provide.

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