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How to Effectively Manage Generation Z To Encourage Sales Performance (infographic and self-analysis questionnaire)

18 August 2021

When we look back at how we were managed back in the 90’s we will feel shocked, horror and occasionally laugh at what management style was adopted back then and how Generation Z would think if the same management style was adopted with them. We had to prove ourselves; it was hire and fire, and we were successful. However, the world has changed. Those old styles will not wash or work with Generation Z if you want to ensure they are motivated, committed and perform to their best ability.

This infographic provides the latest industry trends to ensure you gain the best results, manager and employee relationships with your graduates and Generation Z employees.

A quick self-analysis to help Leaders and Managers:

  • How often do you give feedback?
  • How do you deliver your feedback?
  • How do you respond or act when a person makes a mistake?
  • Do you understand the long term goals of each person? If they have an aspiration to run their own business, what do you have in place to support this?
  • Are you clear about your expectations and what you want to see with clear guidelines?
  • Have you clearly communicated how you want each person to work, the company culture, business etiquette, communication preferences etc.?
  • How do you deliver ‘bad news’?
  • How do you support each person with training, support and coaching?
  • When or how do you gain feedback on your management style?
  • Who do you ask for feedback from?
  • What is the retention rate of your recruits?
  • How long is it taking for you to see a return on investment from those you recruit who are new to a role?
  • What formal training and support do you provide at the team and individual level?

Generation Z will choose a company that will help them grow and build their personal brand. Endorsed training will give you an advantage. Your personality and management style will also be a significant factor in their decision when choosing a company and the length of time they will stay.

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