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Sales Training,Customer Service and Interpersonal skills Courses

      Options of Classroom, Zoom online interactive training, E-learning and blended learning solutions. Additional options - profiling and assessments with feedback and 1-2-1 coaching plans.

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At Solutions2Success, we create and curate a plethora of e-learning, classroom and online sales courses and training for several disciplines. We consider the entire sales cycle and offer personal development and training for sales, business development, customer services, telesales, external sales and professional communication. Whether you are looking to develop your sales team's performance in business development skills, consultative sales techniques or courses in time management, delegation and assertiveness, we can provide a range of training and development solutions for you and your sales team to enhance sales performance. A 360-degree learning experience is available to ensure you gain the best from your team, this includes profiling, training, assessments and coaching plans. We also support HR and Sales leaders on the development and implementation of highly effective onboarding programmes.
If you specifically want to train young talent in sales and business development roles then visit our sister brand, Genzy Talent Academy.
Prefer a 1-2-1 session? £95+ VAT - click here 

All of our trainers are fully qualified to CIPD level or equivalent and had impressive sales performance track records during their sales careers

*** Gain immediate access to learning zone resources and join the regular interactive sessions with trainer over a 6-month period

Options of Classroom, Zoom online interactive training, E-learning and blended learning

Sales - Field or External

Customer Services & Sales Support

Communication & Presentation

Sales- Internal & Business Development

Lead and Manage

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f you are looking for an In House customised courses just for your company then call us to find out about our FREE training needs analysis service and bespoke solutions.

Our courses are designed and available via E-learning, online, classroom, zoom, webinar and workshops In house or on open programmes with your sales team, customer service and management personnel.Our courses will give you the solid fundamentals in the importance of ethical, effective and professional selling, customer care and business development lead generation to ensure you gain the best return on investment from your learning and development programme.

For a full 360-degree learning experience consider including profiling and assessment to assess strengths, areas for improvement, sales style, working preferences and behaviours of each person in your sales team. Gain a 1-2-1 coaching, support and management plan to optimise sales performance and strengthen your relationship with each member of your sales team through this deeper analysis and understanding.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers deliver high-quality sales training courses, which have been shown repeatedly to make a crucial difference to your sales success and enhance your team's sales and profit margins. With a broad range of sales training courses covering a range of specialisms, we can prepare your sales people for any sales challenge they may face. Fast track or long-term programs.

We recommend if you have an experienced sales team, you consider our training needs analysis offering. We identify the strengths and areas for improvement; you are then only providing the specific training then need and you can develop a personalised coaching plan. Less time training, more time selling!

Whether you are looking for sales training online to support your sales team or want a more in-depth sales training experience, we welcome you to get in touch today.

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