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ISMM Telesales Master Class

telesales training course - 2 days ( optional practical session with formal assessment can be included, this would be additional time and commercials, please enquiry for more details)
This course is ideal for people new to sales, sales professionals who have had no formal training and for seasoned professionals looking to enhance and refresh skills. This is also available In House and customised to your specific needs, industry, sectors and type of clients you target. If your role is purely to generate leads and appointments then we recommend the Generating leads and appointments course.
Approaches and techniques need to change to adapt to an ever changing market place to maximise sales and win new business clients. When selling to businesses you need to have a good reason to call and sound credible to stand out from the competition.

This programme will help you increase your conversion rate ratios from call to order or commitment to the next step of your sales process. Lots of practical sessions for outbound calls, getting past gatekeepers, overcoming objections and gaining an appointment or order. The role plays are based on what you sell and a typical sales situation which you would experience so you are confident and motivated to apply the techniques post course. 

Course content includes:

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