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Why Usain Bolt would be a great sales person

Gain inspiration from this article and learn what is takes to be as successful as Usain Bolt in your chosen career. This includes a brain teaser you can take to enhance your retention of information or alternatively you can use this as a 15-minute office or sales meeting energiser. If you want to use this as a sales team meeting energiser or 15 minute office quiz then read out the below and then pose the questions listed at the end Read More
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How to Enhance Sales Performance - Data Quality

The Power of Quality Data  Bad data is like having a car with three gears, you will get to your destination eventually but it will take you longer and it will be a more frustrating journey. Why settle for the slow lane on the M6 when you can go through the toll without the stress and get to your destination in less time. Great quality data helps you take the fast lane and helps you enhance your sales performance. Delegates on our Read More
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5 shocking facts about how your customer service impacts your sales success

5 Shocking Facts about how your customer service impacts your sales success Every website, company brochure and sales pitch states ' we provide excellent customer service'. What is the definition of great customer service? Everyone has a different expectation of what great customer service looks like.Unfortunately we sometimes do not know what great customer service looks like until we have a bad experience so we have something to Read More
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