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5 reasons why you should consider recruiting Grads for sales roles

If you are looking to inject some new ideas, energy and pro-active sales activity into your sales team then consider recruiting Grads. Generation Y and Generation Z will be your future employees, so they need to be considered as part of business strategy. 75% of our workforce will be Generation Z by 2030 and 50% by 2020 (MRI-survey- Forbes) I remember when I was in my 20's (going back 30 years!). I was fearless, Read More

Why invest in sales training?

6 reasons why you should invest in sales training. This article will help you build a business case for sales training to help you enhance the performance of your sales team,exceed targets and KPI measures. 1) EXTERNAL FACTORS External factors are constantly changing, you and your customers cannot control these however you can create sales opportunities from understanding the challenges these factors present your target audience Read More

Healthy body equals healthy mind - 14 days offer David Lloyd details here

Having conducted sales training with hundreds of graduates over the years I have found a common trait in the graduates that clearly demonstrate the most potential for a career in sales. The common trait is they all have that competitive attitude, always striving for a PB (personal best), willing to put the extra effort when they need to and open to developing their skills to constantly improve. I have been fortunate to have trained Junior Read More

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