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Richard Branson's advice on how to be highly successful

Embrace fear to be highly successful - experiencing failure makes you stronger & you learn from your mistakes We came across this great article by Richard Branson. Richard Branson's story is remarkable,we see him as the iconic entreprenuer of our time and it makes us proud to be British. He has had 14 business failures but still has 200 companies, he has had some nail biting times but due to his ability and strength to embrace Read More
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SALES PROFESSIONAL: The 3 D's for Sales Success

What makes a successful sales person...? by Debbie Sweeney – Managing Director & Sales Trainer, Solutions2Success The 3 D's for Sales Success The question is do successful people get lucky? Yes they do! One of my manager's once told me 'you make your own luck in this world'. It is so true! Those who seek opportunities get them and if you have the passion and desire to succeed then you can Read More
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SALES MANAGER: What makes a great sales trainer?

What makes a great sales trainer? How do I find a great  sales trainer? There are a lot of trainers out there so it can feel like a mammoth task trying to find the best one for your training project.  Do not take their word for it, get proof and feel confident about your decision. Getting a poor trainer can damage your personal reputation so getting it right is critical. If you are considering a training company you Read More
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