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Assertive people are more effective and successful - take this free test

Assertive people are respected by people, happier and get more achieved. Do you sometimes feel you are put on, accept things you do not agree with or feel that people are not being fair? If so you may need to become more assertive.  Take this 10 minute test to assess your assertiveness style and score. This will help you determine if you could develop some assertiveness skills to help you achieve your objectives and in some cases Read More

5 tips to increase your success, confidence and happiness

Does money buy happiness? According to a Nobel prize winner psychologist and a survey of 1,000 Americans it confirmed that more money does not necessarily buy you more happiness once a certain threshold has been reached. Read this article from the Guardian Tip 1: Find time to balance success across all areas of your life People high in Emotional Intelligence are successful across all areas of their life. Success is no longer measured Read More

5 management tips to help you retain and motivate sales people

These 5 Management tips will help you gain the most from your top performers, keep them motivated and loyal. This blog is based on my 18 years in sales and what really motivated me and what motivated other top sales performers. Whilst this article is aimed at motivating and managing sales people a lot of the principles can be applied to the management of people in different roles. What is the definition of a super hero? My definition of a Read More
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