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SALES MANAGER: What makes a great sales trainer?

What makes a great sales trainer? How do I find a great  sales trainer? There are a lot of trainers out there so it can feel like a mammoth task trying to find the best one for your training project.  Do not take their word for it, get proof and feel confident about your decision. Getting a poor trainer can damage your personal reputation so getting it right is critical. If you are considering a training company you Read More
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How your values and beliefs drive your success and happiness

I really enjoyed reading a recent article on self questioning by Marshall Goldsmith on self questionning. In summary it explained the value and importance  of asking yourself a set of questions each morning to analyse how aligned you are to your values to help you achieve happiness and sales success.  The following article builds on the article by Marshall Goldsmith. I recommend you combine this with setting goals using Read More
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3 tips for effective cold or outbound calling

3 top tips for effective cold calling to gain attention We live in world where we are time poor and are overwhelmed by communication via phone, email and social media. So how do you gain someone's attention within seconds so they listen to what you have to say? 3 Cold calling tips that improve your effectiveness and save you time. Cold Calling tip 1:  Have a reason to call If the receiver of your call does not Read More
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