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Do you want to do something meaningful to help young talent?

In this lockdown I want to do something meaningful to help young talent. Young people are experiencing more challenges than ever when entering the commercial world. With the increase in mental health in the younger generation (Gen Z) and the pressures from society they are experiencing a lack of self- confidence and life skills to deal with these challenges. I am setting up a focus group of people aged between 20-25 years of Read More

3 ways to succeed in sales during COVID-19

Who would have expected this to happen in our lifetime? Within a few weeks we moved from our normal life to a strict lockdown, this presents many challenges especially when selling. If you have gone through a recession, Brexit uncertainty and now this you are probably wondering if you have been very unlucky. The truth is if you have got through all of this successfully then you are resilient,you can step up to the challenge of COVID-19 and Read More

3 ways to improve customer service experiences whilst maintaining profitability

53% of all customer loyalty is driven by the sales experience A sales experience is the whole customer journey from the initial contact with your organisation to post purchase. Every touch point the customer has with your organisation should be a positive experience. Every person within your company regardless of role should be customer focused. Whilst organisations must comply with procedures, systems and legislation there still Read More

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