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How To Attract The Best Gen Z Graduate Talent For Your Company (infographic and self-analysis questionnaire)

32% of the global population is Generation Z, so we must understand what attracts them to work for an employer to gain the best talent. Generation Z are in the graduate age group, also known as iGen or Net Gen. They are entering the workforce bright-eyed and bushy-tailed whilst having a naivety in some cases about the transition from education to the commercial world. They are hungry to learn, adapt, embrace challenges and change when Read More

How to Effectively Manage Generation Z To Encourage Sales Performance (infographic and self-analysis questionnaire)

When we look back at how we were managed back in the 90’s we will feel shocked, horror and occasionally laugh at what management style was adopted back then and how Generation Z would think if the same management style was adopted with them. We had to prove ourselves; it was hire and fire, and we were successful. However, the world has changed. Those old styles will not wash or work with Generation Z if you want to ensure they are Read More

How Can You Develop an Effective Onboarding Strategy for New Sales and Business Development People (infographic and self-analysis questionnaire)

Most companies will spend between £4,000-£6,000 to recruit a sales graduate, with an average starting salary of £23,000- £25,000 if they use a recruitment company to source candidates. Having made this investment, you want to ensure you see the value and gain a return on investment. An effective and long-term onboarding and sales training programme will help ensure your new sales recruits go from zero to hero Read More

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